Mr.Prathap Jhon
Royalimage Studio
Founder & CEO


As we are a team consisting of very talented members, providing a proper service to our customers who are living around the country using modern technology to keep their unforgettable sweeten memories happening in their day to day life, in the documentary of photographs and video graphs.

The creations of our team focus in maintain the natural beauty of customers without any an imaginations at the same time increasing natural beauty.

We are working willingly not only for the purpose of increasing the profit of our studio. But also for revealing your heartiest feelings and emotions, when you are expressing at the moment and store them through the documentaries. Our team members are being professional artists to reveal the memories of customers full filled with feelings and emotions. That why we are always focusing in maintain a good relationship between our artists and customers.

in this case we trust all warmly welcome our service pleasures.


Life is based on the moments which give up happiness. As we are a team of members. Considering these moments and describing beautifully, conducted above thousands of events and ceremonies successfully within these last 3 years.

The first stage stone our victory is the thought of our members, which let them satisfy who believe our talents. At the same time, we believe that the main reason for our success is the hard-working of our team. Who work with creativity with a good taste and responsibility. We hope we can move on much better than with their responsible achievement and flexibility with customers.


We express our talents through the albums which are designed with quality and attractive Manner to make satisfy the customers of ROYAL IMAGE STUDIO

                             We are something different from other artists in the way of handling new modern technology and technical equipment related to our profession.


Professional Photography & Cinestyle Filmmaking
Wedding I Puberty ceremony I Birthday I Model shoot I Baby shoot l Pregnancy Shoot l Short Film l Event photography

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